Error 503 when downloading app page in website

hello amazing brave team
error 503 show me when downloading app in the brave website page , please fix this problem


stopping ref???..

I have the same problem.

Vanish cache serer error. All link download error (with link no ref)

  1. They don’t know this bug.
  2. 1.3 version have bigbug and they need stop download to fix it.

No referral download link works.

That is not the official Brave website – did someone’s referral code bring you to that site?

hi bro
yes it’s officiall web site
you can test referral link :heart:

Can you tell me what referral code you’re using?

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please check

All Ref link not work!
You can check any link of any someone!

You can check with my ref link

@VD0305 @ali9479975,
Both of your referral codes worked just fine and brought me to the appropriate page. Perhaps there was a server outage that has been resolved?

Upon further inspection, it appears we are experiencing a server outage at his time – the team is already working to resolve the issue. Appreciate your patience.

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