Google vpn blocking rewards on phone from snyc to uphold

wont show that i am connected to uphold if google vpn is connected on my phone also. rewards won’t go tho my phone anymore only my laptop. if i turn off rewards on my laptop so it only shows on my phone nothing goes tho at all or very lil does. 22 ads all month tho my phone. 127 to my labtop. is the phone brave not working properly. is the google vpn conflicting with it idk but there is some issues with rewards on the subjuect to my phone reguardless of the vpn is on or off. looks like rewards only happen if tho labtop

Not sure. I’ll tag @Saoiray to see what he knows about it.

As far as I know, vpn alone isn’t supposed to do this but with other things combined, can have such effect.

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