Brave rewards distribution date and Issues

Why there is so much delay in distributing this month’s (May 2022) rewards. Every passing Month reward system is getting worst.
Current issues -

  1. Token disappearance
  2. Monthly Leftover tokens keep on increasing
  3. Ads not showing (Brave Android)
  4. Delay in the monthly payout process
  5. Uphold account linking limits
  6. Accounts getting flagged without any reason
  7. Can not use VPN (Rewards wallet gets flagged)

I think problems need to be sorted out ASAP to stand with industry-leading giants like Google.


Thank you for the candid feedback. We are working to improve the system for our users.

Your rewards wallet can get flagged if you use a VPN? Isn’t a VPN one of the basic steps for online privacy? I can’t imagine a browser with a selling point of being focused on privacy would require you to not use a VPN in order to enjoy its second selling point of getting paid for viewing ads.

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