Google Search engine is not working?

Hello everyone. I normally used google as search engine. Then a few weeks later it just automatically changed it to Bing. Now when i set it to google again, the search engine is still on bing eventho its set on google. Now i dont know how to set my search engine on google.


Manage your Search Engines, in a Brave Browser > New Window, at: brave://settings/searchEngines

Choose your default Search Engine to be used in the URL address field (aka URL address ‘bar’), at: brave://settings/search

Otherwise, study all the settings for all three Tabs (Basic / Advanced / On exit) at: brave://settings/clearBrowserData . . . in order to thoroughly clear away cache, cookies, data, history that may be sticking.

Consider that there might be a source for a Bing cookie or a Google cookie, that ‘ought not be so’ . . . in a Brave Browser > New Window, go to: brave://settings/cookies

Use the Search field at the upper right of the settings page, in order to search for (one-at-a-time) Bing, Google

And scroll down the page, to see if some source may be working against your intent.

Next, visit: brave://settings/content/javascript and repeat such searches, but this time, for javascript sources.

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I dont know. I now did everything but it’s still not working. Everytime i set the Search Engine on google, the first tab that opens is google and then its bing again.

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