Google news issue

Hi guys, b. brow. Isn’t able to correctly open Google news. Pages often freez .

Does disabling Brave Shields resolve the issue?

There is a surge in reports regarding Google News:

Shield off. Yes, same issue. I Hope for a Fix…thanks

I also had an issue with Google News, clearing browsing data worked for me.

You could try clearing all browsing data of your current user profile.

brave://settings/clearBrowserData => Advanced => Time range: All time => Check all options => Clear data

Note 1: This will log you out of all websites, make sure you know your logging credentials for websites you log into!

Note 2: Clearing the browsing data for “Site and Shields Settings” resets global Shields settings. If you are not using the default global Shields settings, you’ll have to re-adjust the settings at brave://settings/shields after you clear the browsing data.

Thanks! But for now i Need data, cannot delete them. so i have to wait for a Fix. Hope so

All right. Just to make sure the issue isn’t related to your current user profile, you could test Google News with a fresh user profile. Creating another user profile DOES NOT affect your current user profile in any way, don’t worry about your browsing data.

Testing with a fresh user profile is the last thing I can recommend to you at this point. Good luck.

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