Issues with Facebook news feed

For the last few days, my FB news feed will not load properly - it is as if it is constantly refreshing as stories/videos etc just keep flashing up. I have cleared my cache and the problem does not happen on other browsers such as Edge. There is also no issue with groups or with my personal feed, just general news feed

@Airfix_Twin quick advice for if you post int he future. Make sure you check Tips for posting as it may help. The issue here is you posted under #feedback which is just meant to give feedback, it’s not for getting support. Instead yours looks like it should have been under #support-and-troubleshooting:web-compatibility as you’re posting for help on an issue related to a website not working properly.

I kind of highlight this under the tips for posting, but it’s also very critical that you always share which OS (such as Windows 11, Android 12, or whatever) and version of Brave you’re using. There are many differences between them and it helps us not only on testing, but in knowing how to advise you to work on troubleshooting as well.

For example:

If you are on Desktop, I’d advise you to try in Private Window. Then if it still happens, to create a new browser profile. Part of the reason on that is to see if extensions might be causing your problem. However, mobile version of Brave doesn’t have extensions and also is not able to create a new browser profile.

And even when speaking of Mobile, there are Shield settings you can enable on Android that you can’t do on iOS. So it’s very important to get details.

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