Google Apps not working in Desktop

For the past couple of hrs google apps like drive,photos,meet is not working i’m getting server encountered error please try again.

  • Clearing cookies,
  • Restart computer
  • Restart brave browser
    Nothing worked still same issue
    Current brave version : 1.41.100 Chromium : 103.0.5060.134

What version of Windows are you on?

Is any antivirus or other security software (besides MS Defender) installed? If so, does anything change if you temporarily disable it?

Do you have any extensions installed/enabled? If so, does it still happen with them all disabled?

Can you add a screenshot of the error you’re getting?

Windows 10
Version : 21H1

Yes i do use Norton antivirus and i haven’t changed anything in extensions,antivirus it was working fine 2 days back

I can able to use google apps in Google Chrome


2022-07-26 10_26_29-My Drive - Google Drive - Brave

It’s not clear to me whether you actually tried with those things (Antivirus and browser extensions) disabled. Can you try that, or confirm if you already did so?

Also, how do you have this set in Brave settings?


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