Google Drive on Brave tab

Hello everyone,

I really enjoy using Brave. But lately, I found that whenever I open Google Drive, it pops up another window instead of being created in another tab. I prefer the old school way, which I could easily navigate all the Google Docs at once in different tabs in the same window. It is quite a bit inconvenient to navigate a lot of windows of Google Docs.

Hope you guys could give me some advices how to open Google Drive in another tab.

Thank you,

Opening gmail, I click on the menu on the top right, middle click on the google drive icon. Which opens into a new tab. Doesn’t that occur in your case @Missionary ?

I forgot mentioning that I am using Macbook and I make Brave as a default web browser, which also means whenever I search with Alfred, Brave browser is used instead of Safari. And when I open Google Drive Docs in the Finder Folder or even open on Brave, it pops up another window instead of being opened into another tab.

PS: I did try your way, but it still pops up another window.

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