Opening link in a new window

I’ve seen posts in this and other location asking if or when Brave will add the ability to open click a link and have it open in a new window. Is there ever coming to Brave browser, like it is in Chrome or Firefox?

You can do this by holding the Cmd key while clicking on a link in Brave:

This on a MacBook Pro M1 2021. Would this be the same? Still, why can’t Brave simply give the user the option to open new pages in a new tab? It really should be that difficult, should it?

I meant new window, not tab.

Apologies for misreading. At this time there does not appear to be a way to do this natively. There are extensions you can install in the browser that can do this for you however.

Can you share what extensions would accommodate this?


Using Brave Browser for Mac. Right-click on link:

Thank you. I have learned how to do this. I’m still hopeful, the folks at Brave will give us users a simple settings in preferences to open new web pages in a new window, like other browsers do. But this does help at least.

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