Google Authenticator has stopped working for my Uphold account - can't log into Uphold!

I’ve had an Uphold Wallet for months now and have set up google Authenticator and, until now have always been able to login…until now.

My google Authenticator app still sends me regular login codes for Uphold, but, when I tried to login yesterday when I entered the code that google authenticator provided (after entering my email and password) for Uphold I got a message stating: “Verification Code is Invalid.”

Any advise as to what I need to do to be able to log into my Uphold account again?

Contact Uphold support and explain your situation. You will need to verify your identity by posting a photo of yourself holding a paper with your name and date writen on it (thats how other exchanges do).
I would suggest you to use other Authenticator app like Aegis and always back up your seed.
Hope that will help.

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