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I’m try to link Brave rewards with and I’ve tried two different authentication apps and still says code invalid. Anyone have the same issue or is there something I’m not doing. Please let me know.

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Can you say me if you have used AUTHENTICATOR?? (playstore of Android)

And please confirm that you have scaned the correct QR code with this app, if you need more help say me =)

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When I try and link brave rewards with uphold with the 2 step authentication I get a error message that says error contact the application manager not sure what that means

Send an image please

Not sure why I’m get this message. I use the authentication app it works except this site

Is strange, your Brave account is correct? or have restricted acces? reaaly this is a strange error because the authentication only need a code and should work fine.

Have you Try other app?

I’d tried thru chrome and it won’t let me get passed the 6 digit code now not quite sure what’s going on or who I can get in touch with

@Asad @chriscat , They maybe can help you

Thanks for your help. I’m in the process of getting a new key code hopefully that will work if not I’ll contact those other people. Thanks for your time

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