Goggles search suggestions

Desktop Brave: 1.40.109 Chromium: 103.0.5060.66 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Desktop OS: Windows 11 Home 22000.739

Mobile Version blurb:

Version 1.40 (
BraveCore 1.40.105 (103.0.5060.53)
Device iPhone14,4 (iOS 15.5)

hiya, goggles is great and now brave search has won me over ddg.

anyway, on both mobile brave (iOS) and brave desktop, i’ve changed my default search engine in the search bar to my own custom goggles.

as an example, here is the full URL to use the “no pinterest” goggle, which may be added to any browser’s search engines list:

however, i’ve noticed that compared to the normal brave search, e.g. /search?q=%s, the goggles search /goggles?q=%s&goggles_id=... doesn’t seem to work with my browser’s auto completion suggestions:

i’ve tested the same thing on Edge on Windows 11 and it’s the same result

so i don’t know if this is feedback or a bug, but it seems like a bug to me so i’ve posted this here in the support forum. feel free to move it or make me post again in feedback if needed


just to be clear, this does affect both my mobile and desktop brave experience. on the desktop, it’s not a big deal to me, but on mobile it’s nice to have search suggestions for my typos