Getting logged out of all my accounts while using brave

Hey there i have been using brave for a quiet long time.Until now i havent been facing any issue, but now i face many issues, to name some few:

1.The browser gets hanged at frequent usage intervals
2.I suddenly get logged out from all my accounts, while i am using the browser.For this i also read this (Brave keeps logging me out after closing the browser) article and followed all the instructions given there, but none of use.
3.It keeps lagging.

Also i tried reinstalling brave 3 to 4 times but it also proved to be futile.

Kindly help me with these problems.

Thank you for reaching out.

Were you on a particular site(s) when you saw this behavior? If so which ones?

Can you confirm that you do not have any information set to be deleted “On exit” (Settings --> History —> Clear browsing data --> [On exit])?

Can you all tell me whether or not you have any extensions installed in the browser at this time?

->It happened for YOUTUBE and my college Wifi login website(SONIC WALL) and some other websites.

->No for that my setting is Continue where you left off

->only google translate extension.

This is not the correct spot to check for this. Please navigate to Settings → History → Clear browsing data and check to see if any items are selected in the “on exit” section of this window:

See i had reset all the settings of my browser.As of now it’s working fine.Thanks for the response.

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