Getting back my bookmarks saved in Brave

Kindly consider that due to an OS failure I had to format my laptop. And now all of my bookmarks gone (which is normal) but I am not able to sync them back. I do have a sync code which I have saved 1 month before, but when I enter that it says that it’s expired.

Since this is a sudden OS failure I was not able to back up a new sync code or to export the bookmarks into a HTML file. But I need these bookmarks so badly since those are really important to me.

I am using Linux Pop OS.

Please help me out.

Thank you.

You should replace the last word (25th word) with the one at

For now, the last word changes daily so the one which you saved will expire next day. Suppose you save phrase today, but when you use same phrase tomorrow, it’ll be expired since there will be a new word at the end.

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Just Woow. It has worked. you have saved my life. Thank you very much and I highly appreciate your help.

Glad that I could assist. If possible do mark as a solution!