This code has expired. Generate a new one on the other device and try again

I recently formatted and when reinstalling brave with my seed it tells me: “This code has expired. Generate a new one on the other device and try again.” the code has not expired, it is only 15 days old. I have lost a lot with this, I had many important bookmarks that have cost me to find it. Honestly if I can’t reset it will be the last time I use that browser. Cheers

I’ve seen a couple of topics, in which they say that brave’s syc is not a back up. Thing that has disappointed me a lot since I have lost very important work markers. A lot of time of my life looking for important sites for my work, have disappeared in the course of a format. From what I’ve read, if you format the pc. You only have 25Hr to use the sing with the seed. If that time passes, it will tell you that the seed has expired. It’s a shame. I’ve switched to Mozzila, but I liked brave more. I can’t let this happen, even though other browsers are spying on me, I don’t lose my stuff with nonsense like this. Cheers

@ferrera the 25th word changes daily. All you have to do is pretend like making a new one and change the last word in your prior sync code to match the one for today. At least is how it’s been explained to me by others.

If that’s right, it looks like today’s is assault for mine. So change it out on yours and it should work.


:open_mouth: :open_mouth: I had thrown in the towel, you have saved me 2 years of work.

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I have the same issue, Can you please tell me today’s last word? @Saoiray

Find out 25th word at

Todays, if you get to it in time, is:


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