Getting 0.005 BAT only instead of 2 BATs

I hope I’m not the only one, but I got issue.
After few days (vacations) I came back to PC, saw nice 2 BATs payout coming, then I refreshed and I see now its only 0.005 BAT??? I’ve been getting them from the beginning of this month, so it can’t be like that.

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You are not the only one.
This is my screen

Immagine 2022-05-01 032834 - Copia

This is the second month in a row. Rewards don’t work and it’s the same story every month.
From 12 to 0.05 I’d say that’s pretty ridiculous

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Hi, has some Admin given an explanation of this issue?

I’m experiencing the same issue with 4 computers.

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Estoy en la misma situacion. Me sucede tan sòlo en la tablet (al menos de momento), pero llevo asi varias semanas, me ha sucedido continuamente desde entonces, los BATs desaparecen misteriosamente.


Not sure why but no one really give proper explanation to this issue. Every month many topics posted and slowly forgotten.
Basically browser cant confirm seen ads with the server.


The purpose of a blockchain is to make transactions traceable and permanent, I would say that then the failure is quite evident.
Is it possible that there is no one from the support to answer?


It’s a pity.

I believe that this is a huge issue, because at some moment we (Brave users) will have a huge amount of BAT waiting for being accounted and then… what will happen? Will they tell us that it doesn’t worth?

In fact, right now I don’t really know if the ads I see are going to be paid at some moment, because of that I don’t know if the time I invest on a click is really worthing. It’s frustrating.

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as far as I know clicking the ads have never been necessary, I’ve been using the browser for more than a year.

that said, unfortunatelly I don’t know what could be causing this issue.


This is an ongoing issue from last month. The moderators are aware and have seen the reports. They are currently working on the issue and will post a response when they have a fix.

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on one device I get nothing it remains in the estimate earnings. It is not much but it is also 0.3 bat.
First I thougth that this device is flagged but this is not the case, I still get ads and the counter is raising so it seems that this device is not flagged
@steeven @Mattches

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Just be patient give it a couple days you should recieve the claim button and if not get in touch with one of the team, i had this issue last month and was told by the 10th it should be cleared and it was.

Just be patient, its not gone, just in processing currently

Yeah nowadays clicking on the ads is a must, for me it is anyway

I find it very frustrating to have a device that always collects 0.05 and that I cannot remove from the 4 granted.

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