Incorrect BAT Token for 1st April - 30th April

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8th April 2022
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The estimated earning for 1st April - 30 April was 15 BAT Token, But today I saw Brave have Locked 11.04 only which will be credited by 8th May. while remaining 4.975 BAT token are shown in the 1st May - 31st May.

@steeven and @Mattches Request you to please look into this

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I have the same issue I have 7.64 but I will get only 4.54 for april @Mattches

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Lol what? Are you sure you got that much on bats?

To be honest I am shocked after seeing @BulokIPBanned69 's Screenshot

Nice, full flex ah!.

Same problem here, have earned 6,5 but only 4,4 droped.

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It may be possible those “missing” earnings are from the last week of the month. Brave has to wait for payments from publishers to settle, so any BAT earned in the last few days of the month, will be paid out next month. Simply because Brave hasn’t even been paid for those ads you viewed either.

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Same issue from my side

Earned a little more than 4 BAT but for payout only 2.665 BAT is available and the rest is in current estimations for month of May

How do you got all these bats

%40 earnings of April is now current estimation of May.

Same here too, and it also happened to me last month. I started a new month (both times) with around 2.9 BAT still left to transfer.

It’s almost like the end of the month is not the cut-off date but something like a week before.

This is likely due to unreconciled earnings.

It basically means that you earned from viewing an ad(s), but the ads aren’t reconciled by the time the payment period starts. So for example, if you earn .05 BAT at the end of the payment period, that BAT may take a couple days to be reconciled (maybe “processed” is an easier to understand term) — which means it doesn’t actually count towards what you earned this month and you’ll instead earn it next month.

So the estimated earnings you’re seeing up until this point have included these BAT that were not yet reconciled — so when your final payout balance for the month is calculated, its a mismatch between what was estimated and what is actually earned. The issue I linked to above resolves this, such that it only shows fully “processed” ads/BAT.

Hope this helps.

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8 and 6 bat rolled over to may on my 2 browsers. It cant be few days for reconciling. This is 3rd month. Please investigate this issue further instead of copy/paste answer all over these topics.

Got the same thing,
Reduced like 90% for all devices.

@BulokIPBanned69 you have not get that amount which is showing on the above screenshot because you have change the source code of the html page which is giving in inspect if i’m right

Yes you are right ! this much earning is not possible

I’m New here guys let’s experience this community

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