Gemini is not supported

Greetings community,

I have a deep concern. 6 months ago I normally used Brave rewards with Gemini. Couple of days ago I had to completely reset my computer and for some reason I could not sync my Brave browser. Issue was that sync keys I had as a backup was for an older or newer version. Never mind.

However, today. I tried connecting my Brave Rewards with Gemini and it is not supported in my region. How is that possible? I see many people having problems with this, but I am 1000% sure it worked before because I have BATs on my Gemini account that was transfered from Brave Rewards program.

What to do?

Because of recent events. Most likely temporary but all depends what region you’re in. Check out PSA: Unsupported Region

Interesting. Thank you. Will check it out. Do you know by any chance any info regarding one more bug. Google Ads are showing inside Gmail again. That bug was fixed months ago as well, but somehow it came back.

I just checked and don’t have issues on my end. For something like that, you’d be best to post in Adblock section and hope Fanboynz might be able to help.

I mean, I can offer tons of random suggestions, such as checking your settings. Is it on? Is it on regular or aggressive?

Sometimes things like clearing Site and Shield Settings from within brave://settings/privacy where you’d click on Clear Browsing Data, and then make sure Advanced, All Time, and then
Settings - Brave 8_16_2022 8_06_55 PM

I know also, I use filters. So brave://settings/shields/filters and then I have the ones below selected, which helps.

Settings - Content filters - Brave 8_16_2022 8_12_54 PM
Settings - Content filters - Brave 8_16_2022 8_12_48 PM

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