Private only light mode

As a long-time user of the windows browser, I loved the whole thing about clearing history on exit and whatnot, I just enjoy it being tidy

I respect that the mobile version only has “private only” rather than clear on exit, but I was hoping there’d be a way to then keep the light theme that is when you aren’t of private mode

I would, with this change, set Brave as my default without doubt. I also believe that, considering the “light theme” is already apparent in non-private tabs it should be easy as pie to implement

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I agree with this. I have my browser set to launch in private by adding --incognito to the end of the shortcut path, but it would be nice if it looked like regular brave with the nice pictures and default color schemes.

i am, just for reference, talking about brave on iOS.

ever since brave departed from its more unique chromium mod and instead became much more like your regular chrome, losing the identifying privacy features, forcing some odd wallet-thing; well i’ve just been sticking with chrome on my computers

however, brave stays great on my iPhone, bringing privacy, adblocking and design just like the brave i used to know

(excuse the “rant”; for most, brave will still work great on computers)