Disable incognito mode in android

Please suggest me a way to disable incognito mode in brave mobile version. I have tried to search everywhere but unable to find the way to disable the incognito mode option.

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Hello @Reyyy, thank you for bringing this to our attention. Please read the following article this worked in Chrome and is supposed to do the same in Chromium browsers:

Let us know if that resolves your concern. Regards.

Hey @Jarc-1107 this article is only useful for disabling incognito in pc . What I am looking for is way to disable it in android . Please if you can provide more accurate and on-point answer to my query it would be great.

You want to remove the incognito mode option?? Or just want to exit incognito mode?

If you want to remove incognito mode option then it’s not possible in Android as no such option is given. ( Also haven’t seen this in any browser which I used ).

And also chances are less that this option will be provided, because it’s meaningless to provide option for disabling incognito mode.


Hello again @Reyyy, there is no official way to do it. If you want you can open a feature request so different users can vote this and we take into consideration for future releases:


I don’t want to get this feature, I am explaining him this feature is not available and also it’s useless feature.

Hello @OshekharO my bad, I tagged you instead of @Reyyy thanks for your response.

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