Brave Mobile can Take Incognito Screenshorts

Hey I noticed brave mobile can take screen in Private tab! i also tryed disabling the Incognito Screenshort flags from chrome://flags but the flag dosent work
I am on android 13 is that a reason? as the it says flag will be ignored on api version greater then 33, i also tryed the same thing on my other device running android 10 and no issues there

btw similar thing can also be experineced on chrome mobile as well though the incognito flag is not avalibe on chrome mobile.

I believe in Chromium browsers, it was changed so that regardless of flag, this behavior is allowed on Android versions 13 and higher.

That said, I did bring this up to the team to see if we want to have Brave respect the flag and/or include an option for this in settings.

Yup, it feels like the issue is coming from chromium,I personally think taking screenshot in private browsing tab shouldn’t be allowed Because as the name suggests it’s an private tab, screen capturing modules shouldn’t be allowed to sneek into what user is doing in private browsing mode…

Is there an i can do something now to block the screenshot to taken from the private tab @Mattches?

Unfortunately there is not — that said, I went ahead and opened a feature request for this for our devs to consider:

Thank you very much sir!

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