Garbled or gibberish text on multiple web sites

On many web sites, the text shown on screen is garbled or gibberish. The problem is highly repeatable, even after a clean reinstall. It does not happen with other browsers (Safari) on the same web site.

Notably, when I copy, then paste, the garbled text it is translated properly to the intended original.

The movie at shows this problem.

Computer is a Macbook Air M2 running Sonoma 14.3.1

I have posted a video at that shows the problem.

@markscohen could you try checking and changing the font at brave://settings/appearance and see if it resolves? There’s been issues with some where the font package isn’t resolving. So like one person in India had to change theirs from Times to Times New Roman and it resolved.

Other solution is possibly troubleshoot within your Font Book on Mac. But I’m not familiar enough with Mac to guide down that path

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Excellent call! Simply changing the default font cleared the problem immediately. Thank you for your rapid help.