Galaxy Z Fold3 issue

Hi guys,

When using brave on a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3, on the front screen the tabs are shown in grid layout with a bottom bar, but when the phone is unfolded, on the main screen, the tabs are aligned above the address bar in desktop style.

I would like to have the tabs in grid layout in both screens with the bottom bar.

Brave version is 1.34.81 on Android 12

Thank you

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Thank you for reaching out.

While I do admit I too think it can be a little frustrating having one layout on your device and then having to switch to another, this is actually the expected and desired behavior. Note that this is the underlying Chromium engine handling this, but it is something that Brave inherits and will likely keep.

Basically by unfolding your device, the screen dimensions then register as a “tablet” device to the browser, which is why the tab strip is shown when it’s unfolded, rather than the grid layout you’re using when in “phone” mode.

Thank you for replying,
Yes, I figured that it enters tablet mode, I was wondering how I can make (trick) it to keep phone mode permanently so it shows the tabs in grid layout.

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I’m not sure there is one, but I’ve raised this issue internally to see if it is something we’d like to address in future releases.

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