Brave browser resets and closes all tabs, as soon as screen changes from front to main screen on Galaxy Z Fold 4

This issue has not been fixed, I am currently on version 1.50.114 and all open tabs, disappear and close when the screen changes from main to front screen on foldables.
Other chromium browsers including Chrome do not have this problem; I have not been using Brave browser for months, since the Brave team may not be aware of this issue or have to not come up with a solution to this issue; that is not apparent in other browsers.

Please let me know what I can do to help fix the problem, as I am not able to use Brave because of the unreliability on foldables.

I am linking the same post I created several months ago, in which the Brave team was unable to reply or offer any indication on what could be done to fix the problem.

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