Brave unusable in Galaxy Z Fold 4

Still in Brave 1.45.120. There are numerous glitches that make this browser unacceptable to be used in the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

Meanwhile the other Chrome based browsers have no issues, like Chrome, Samsung Internet.

Opening the browser with multiple tabs in the cover screen or the main display; will all disappear once switching from the cover to the main display and vice versa. Only the new tab page is shown.

Sometimes even opening a link from an email app requires opening link once, which will open onto a new tab page. A second attempt to opening the link must be done, in order for link to finally open.

Brave is unusable that I have switched to a working browser.

On a Fold 3 here, there is a system setting moving between cover screen and main screen. App links on android is notorious for opening the appropriate app. (Like email:// links opening in gmail)

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