Wrong funds amount - FLUX on Binance Smart Chain

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Description of the issue:

After a transcaction from Binance to my wallet, the funds amount is incorrect.
Amount should be 492.19 FLUX and wallet display 0.000000049219 FLUX.

You can find transcation info here : Binance Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | BscScan.

How can I see the correct amount ?

Brave Version (check About Brave):

Additional Information:

Did you manually added the token info into brave wallet?

If so did you the ‘Add to Metamask’ feature on coingecko or did you manually add the information in brave wallet for flux to be visible in wallet.

Thank you for your answer. I used ‘Add to Metamask’ feature on coinMarketcap.

I didn’t find this feature on coingecko (only for flux token).

There might be a possibility that you added the ETH flux via coinmarketcap ‘Add to metamask’ feature.

Delete the visible asset (if it is eth) and then re-add BSC flux via the same feature.
It is unlikely scenario as I see flux on bsc chain in your screenshot but still redo it.

Or it might just be a bug, which brave team will look into it and sort it out.

I’ve made many attempt and I paid attention to choose the right network.

Yes, may be it’s a bug. How I can submit it ?

@onyb @Evan123 (I have tagged brave team members)

Thank you very much !

The decimals value for FLUX token is incorrectly set to 18 on CoinMarketCap (should be 8). Here’s how you can fix your issue:

  1. Click “Visible Assets” and delete FLUX token.
  2. Open the token page on bscscan: https://bscscan.com/token/0xaff9084f2374585879e8b434c399e29e80cce635
  3. Make sure you have selected “Binance Smart Chain” as the active network in Brave Wallet.
  4. Click on “Add token to Web3 wallet” (see screenshot below).
  5. Open Brave Wallet, and check the correct balance on your portfolio.

Thank you very much onyb !!

It did work! I suspected a decimal number problem but I think, I’ve just not confirm correctly the network adding operation from my ledger.

Thanks again, you saved my life !

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