Full Screen Support for Brave Rewards

I understand that Brave Rewards do not show up if you use full-screen mode. That said, I think there could be an option allowing full-screen mode users to get ads. I know that in my workflow, I have Brave full screen while doing web development. While I do have multiple monitors on my machine (Mac, MBP 2016 15"), that isn’t the same environment as everyone else. So, what I suggest is a simple toggle in the Brave Rewards section (or somewhere in the Settings) that simply says “Allow Brave Rewards Ads to be shown while in Full-Screen”. I think this allows the greatest amount of flexibility as well as a simple fix for this problem.

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The intention of Brave ads is to show people interested non intrusive ads, so when in full screen it makes much more sense to not have ads.

That is why I suggested that it be an option. For instance, I know that a lot of Mac users like to maximize their browser window so it is its own screen that we can switch back and forth between. I know that this is my preferred way of browsing. I also have a Linux machine at work. I do the same thing there. The problem is that my Linux machine (which is maximized in its own screen) continues to show Ads, whereas my Mac does not.

Also, if the browser is full screen, that doesn’t mean that Ads (that pop up as simple Notifications) aren’t always wanted. That is why I suggested that it be an option that the user has to manually opt-in for.

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