Option for enabling brave rewards ads in fullscreen mode

I was getting no Brave Reward ads while watching videos in fullscreen mode. After some digging, I found out that ads are disabled while using a fullscreen.
Since 90% of the time I spent watching videos in fullscreen, I barely get any ads. Can we get an option to enable ads while in full screen (if possible of course)? And by default, this option would be disabled, so it would behave same as it is now?

I believe the reason they don’t give ads while watching a video is

  1. That would destroy one’s experience while watching a video, like to have an ad free experience is Braves another prime objective.

  2. There is very less chance that you will attend to the advertisement given to you, means everyone will simply close those advertisement without even reading it that badly affects the company that had given the advertisement that in turn affects BAT purchases from such companies. To simply put it " It’s bad for business"

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