Free Speech And No Political Agenda

Today many tech companies and organizations are getting political by censoring certain articles, feeds, banning users, making hate speech policies, etc. Is Brave dedicated to free speech and welcomes all to use its browser no matter what ones personal political or religions views are?

Google and Mozilla have taken action and have become political. Any word or is there an official statement from Brave saying what they stand for?

I cannot speak for the Brave development team, but it appears that Brave’s focus is privacy. The only censoring going on that I can see is for ads (regardless of the ad content).

Here is a link to an article that gives an example of how Brave is fighting for privacy:

Quite interesting how often questions like these come up.
I addressed this in a previous thread here:


This is what I wanted to hear. I hope Brave has this mindset throughout its staff and never forgets it.

Mozilla claims to be for an open web but has campaigns to tackle “free speech” which shows they do not want a open web. Firefox is a good browser and is good on privacy but by having a bias is problematic since they could write code into Firefox to block certain URLs or delete Firefox accounts to those they see has political opponents.

Google and Chrome… well I don’t need to explain why Google is not to be trusted when it comes to privacy and its political leanings.

I am glad Brave exists. A browser that is rich in features, multi-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, Andriod, iOS), Privacy friendly, built-in ad blocker, open source, and will not censor or hide content for political gain.

More tech companies just need to stay as tech companies. Write good code and thats it. Not be the judge on what other can or cannot say, what others can or cannot see. Its a shame Mozilla has a bias but thank god for Brave!

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