Do Most Browser Users Know Brave's Purpose?

Before today, I never wondered what the purpose was when the work to make Brave began. I still do not know the purpose that drove Brave developers. but today I learned what the developers wanted achieve and provide with Brave Browser that was not already provided by other browsers.


Everything I see about Brave now makes sense. The goal of Brave was not, as I imagined, to be the best browser that could possibly exist. NO! The developers’ goal was to make a browser that blocks ads. I have done no testing to be sure, but my perception Brave does a better job than any other browser blocking ads.

Now that I know this, I am in awe of what has been accomplished with Brave. Brave is outstanding, top quallity, very highly supported and maintained software doing very complicated things mostly to perfection.

I see potential for Brave to become a lot more popular (i.e., widely uased) by focusing on some other common browser agony points. That said, when think about is the best thing that could built into a new browser startnig in 2015, filtering ads is by far the best choice I could have though tof then

Today, the thing we need browsers to better is lock the government out from being able se see what people do ont he internet. For some reason, I always imagine Brave was on the side of people falsely accused of being the far-right wing extremistfs. Now i know. duh, a gool like thart does nothing to block ads, so naturally, brave has not put time into correcting news reporting.

Correcting news reporters is that browsers need to figure out how to do now. Twitter-X has some excellent work it is doing in that area. Twitter-X has an AI application, integrated with a lot of NI (normal intelligence) aiming at automating figuring out the truth on topic of general public interest. I am calling it the truth system. They want to use it for automatically tagging posts accurately based om their degree of truth and the sourct of the non truth. I don’t see that system taking shots at calling the truth on the biggest, most controversial topics. For instance, by now, everyone except retards knows the whole deal around COVID was mostly fake/lies. Covid killed almost no one. Covid deaths were reporte at high levels falsely reporting that deaths from natural events were covid deaths. Boosts in covid deaths were provided bv denying access to save medications the world rulers somehow managed to order must not be used for illogical reasons falsely claime to be scientific in nature. Another big boost of covid deaths was provided by the toxicity of the Covid vaccine, which safted closer to zero lives than any of the numbers still stated by Liar Fauchi. It would be pretty cool to have software that can figure out everything I just wrote about covid is truer than any publically available report to the contrary.

How great would it be to have a program that could validate and correct any errors in what I just wrote iin way that any rational person can come to trust.?

I finally understang why Brave is not going after that goal. That goal has little to nothing to do with blocking adds when surfing the interwebs.

Has this post stated the main goal the Brave developers wanted to accomplish when they started?

What do you think of the idea of having software that can sort truth from lies in public communications?


Does brave store personal data?