Force Google Assistant to play Youtube videos by launching Brave to do so

Not sure where to add this discussion. I have also already checked the forums.

I use the Google Assistant hands free while driving, (“ok google” play “Joe Sattiani Surfing With The Alien”) but I want the Google Assistant to use the Brave browser to play the tracks from Youtube, not Chrome and not the Youtube App (Android Samsung S8+) Reason? Brave stops those infuriating jingle ads that I am not going to see anyway because I am driving. And, in WA, they made holding your phone illegal and a ticketable offense, you know if you have to unlock the phone, then hit bypass. And Youtube has begun what I will call an aggressive implementation of these jingle ads, I think because they see you are playing music either driving or working out, and they know your not or can’t take time to log into your phone and hit skip ad.

If you uninstall Youtube App, Google assistant tells you, Youtube is not installed on this phone. Making Brave default browser does nothing.

Help me OB1 Brave, you’re my only hope. It’s either that or I have to go back to carrying mp3s on my phone. Because those jingle ads are making me nutso! And they’re for Facebook I think too. Grrr…

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