For the users who are not able to solve the Ad Captcha

1.) Before clicking on the solve option, open brave://rewards/. Then slightly move the captcha to click on the BAT Purple triangle besides the URL bar (if you are able to click on the BAT triangle directly, then no need of moving the pop-up, just click on solve). Later on, click on the solve button. A captcha will appear immediately below the BAT triangle (from the triangle), where you need to move a circle in its position.

2.) A screen recorded video of solving it will be posted shortly.

3.) Link this post as solution for users who are having this problem and are seeking answers on multiple different forums (like reddit)

4.) If another detailed solution than mine is posted, link that post rather than this one.


I don’t have a triangle to click in the URL bar and I did read your post before I made a post, thank you

Go to brave://settings/appearance and turn off ‘Hide Rewards Button’ (it should be turned white from orange). The triangle will appear then.

Perfect, thank you for the help

Sorry, but I have the button turned off and the triangle doesn’t appear.

It has to work. It seems there is a bug limited to your device. Turn the feature off (from orange to white). Close the browser completely and restart your computer. The next time you open the browser, the triangle might appear.

I made a mistake, I thought that you meant of a different triangle located in a different side of the URL bar. I’ve always had that triangle by the right side of Brave’s logo! That’s the “sending tip button”.

Anyway, I’ll wait for the Solve option to appear again. And I’ll give it a try. I don’t see it a day ago.

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