UNban Account Please

Hi admins. Can you please unban my account again? Looks like it become banned again for not being able to fulfill the captcha thing, literaly the little window appears behind the Brave explorer and when I clicked on it, nothing happened, nothing to solve, not a thing with a triangle, nothing.

And today I was able to see ads but didn’t receive any reward for it so, I suspect that your system banned my account again

Can you please unban it again, please =.=U?


@SaltyBanana @steeven

try this solution, this has worked for me:

The thing doesn’t appear anymore so, I can’t use this =(

I experienced that too yesterday.
All I do is close my browser and wait for several minutes before reopening it again, use for another several minutes just by random scrolling etc… then the pop up showed up again. Some says you have to retry this multiple times. Luckily, mine just went two retries until the pop up showed up again. Hope the team will fix this bug so that we will no longer be using this alternative solution which is hard to work sometimes.

Follow this thread. Read what Amaan wrote. You need to close it completely and then re-launch and use it for a few minutes for it to appear.

Nothing worked, none of the solutions -_-

I understand the thing to avoid abuses but this is affecting also the normal users like me =’(

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