Fonts and images not rendering correctly

Using Brave Version 1.60.118, Sonoma 14.1.1 on an M2 mini
When I enter a degree symbol (shift-option-8) it displays properly when I type it in a forum window but when displayed after I post, it adds a  character in front of the °. Also, every time I open the comment field to edit, more characters are added.

A lot of googling research blames the webpage and how it handles extended characters. But guys on Windows say they don’t have a problem and again, it used to work fine with Brave.

How do I get brave back to good - to show a degree symbol as just a degree symbol - no added letters.

When I select UTF-8 encoding with Safari, it displays properly. When I ask “the internet” or an AI how to change the display encoding in Brave, it starts by leading me to setting choices that are no longer available - like “Advanced”. It wants me to change something in Languages but the only choice I see there is a specific language - like USA English - not an encoding.

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I had no issues here, maybe test paste in other forms. Also test in private window mode

Let’s see what happens when I post there the following should be a degree symbol (Shift-Option-8 on a Mac) degree symbol = °

So it works here. This is nuts. Of course, the website is saying I’m the only one having the problem (most of their viewers use PC’s) so it must be a problem with my browser. But clearly there is no problem posting into this forum.

Still no replies about this issue. Is anyone else having a problem with UTF-8 characters rendering correctly in the Brave Browser?

To see what I mean, go to, click on the “Feedback, Suggestions, and Site Questions” sub-forum, and then the “Fonts not rendering correctly” thread (near the top). Several Windows people who use the Alt+number code say they don’t have a problem. Often people who reply don’t understand that the browser, platform, and OS make a difference.

My issue is with M2 MacMini hardware and Ventura/Sonoma OS. It does not appear with other browsers and other browsers give me the option, usually under a View menu, to change the default encoding.

The tug-of-war is, that some suggestions lay the blame completely on the Website itself, while others say the browser’s settings are at fault.

A strange component is, I’m pretty sure Brave used to render those characters correctly in the past - though I was using Opera in the past too - memory fades.

It’s strange that I can enter the degree symbol correcting in a “post” field such as this, but when it is posted, the degree symbol has an  added to the front. And each time I edit the post, additional characters are added. Or I might post just an  but when the post is displayed that character is rendered as Ã.

So who/what is changing those characters? Is it Brave after I push the Submit button or is the WebSite after it gets my post? And if that’s the case, what do I tell the webmaster so he/she can ferret out the problem on their end?

That’s what I’m looking for.
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I loaded°-for-degree

Seemed to load (on a mac). does it load correctly in Brave Beta?

Fanboynz, thank you for looking into this. Let’s see how close we are to having equal systems. I’m using an M2 MacMini. I’m running Sonoma OS. The Brave version (says Up-to-Date) is 1.60.118.

When you say, “Seems to load”, I’m not sure what you mean. My issue is with using “special” characters, like the degree symbol.

In this forum, it renders as it should. When I enter Shift-Option-8 here, I get the degree symbol. When I push reply and see my post, I see the degree symbol. All is well.

On the site. When I enter the Shift-Option-8 in the reply field, it looks okay, but when posted it changes to have a capital circumflex A in front of it.

In fact, that circumflex A - Â - appears all over the website:
“Clark Hammock Company purchased by Dutchware”

I’m in the usual user position where one person says, “It works on our site so it must be the website’s problem.”, while people from the website say, “No one else is having the problem, must be your browser.”

I’m not so keen on loading beta software but I can give it a try. It would help if someone was knowledgeable about UTF-8 issues and could recognize what is going on with the added  character.