Font size way too small

Reading Google news is too tough for seniors. Most story fonts are too small. Adjusting Android default font size has NO affect on this web site and all others.

Can this be fixed?

Hello @Dieter23, thank you for bringing this to our attention. What is the website you are visiting? Normally changing the font size from settings will display a bigger font size in all websites. Try clearing cookies and cache recently and let us know if the issue persists. Regards.

The tiny fonts appear pretty much on all sites.

The tiny fonts appear in the boxes the headline, and can scroll the boxes right to left.

If you go to:

You can view tiny text in the gray boxes. Your zoom slider affects the large text outside the gray boxes, but not the text inside the boxes.

The two scenarios are similar.

It also happens after clearing cache.

If you go on you’re desktop Go to “fonts” or “brave” They’re may be a choice saying font or font size

I use Brave on my Android Samsung smartphone…

Check settings, find the app or in default settings the find font size and yeah

it does NOT work. try it

if device settings dont work im sorry

Hello again @Dieter23, what zoom level are you in? Can you please share a screenshot? Thanks in advance.

Brave Zoom level = 155

Zoom level does not change small font size.

Hello again @Dieter23, have you tried in another Based Chromium browser? Some pages are not responsive and size of text and images does not change. Thanks in advance.

Hello @Dieter23

Is this still an issue for you?

Be waiting for your response!

Yes. It is still a problem with the Brave browser. There have been other postings regarding Brave not responding to the Android ZOOM settings.

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