Only 8 of 20 windows re-open from 'restore window/tabs' following crash

I’ve had a BRAVE DEV crash (others of this kind reported in the past) following which ‘Restore’ only repopulated 8 out of 20 windows in the WINDOW dropdown menu (Mac, OS Mojave).

TABLI (tab manager) shows that the windows are still ‘there’ even though they don’t display in the WINDOW menu. Once opened from TABLI, they then appear in the dropdown.

Wondering why only some windows open while others don’t – (?)

I can upload (or otherwise provide) the ‘crash report’ if interested.

Not sure which DEV version I was in, as the crash has resulted in an auto-update which tells me I’m current. I think I had missed only one prior update.


Any ideas from BRAVE Team about why this keeps happening following a crash?

Just to be clear, I don’t experience BRAVE crashes a lot, but when they do occur this issue has been repeated every time that I can recall – i.e., not all of the windows that had been open prior to the crash re-open. (They haven’t been lost. But without seeing them in TABLI, & being able to restore them from that tab manager browser extension, I would never know that.)


Another BRAVE DEV crash with most open windows at the time of the crash not restoring.

– Only 5 of 21 windows re-opened on ‘Restore.’

– 7 windows that didn’t restore were available to reopen from the History dropdown menu.

– The other 9 windows were accessible only via Tabli (tab manager extension) – otherwise I know of no way they could have been recovered.

Version 0.62.16 Chromium: 73.0.3683.39 (Official Build) dev (64-bit)