Focus issue when file manager shows up

Description of the issue:
I have been using brave on gnome 40 previously and have not upgraded my brave for two months. Recently, I have upgraded to gnome 41.2 (on xorg) and brave version 1.32.115.

I used to download images with a shortcut key sequence of ctrl+S and ENTER. But after the update, the focus is not shifted to the prompted file manager (that asks me in which directory I would like to download the file to) from the browser. So, downloading an image and renaming it without the help of a mouse is not a feasible option right now.

I use nautilus as my default file manager

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. open an image with open image in new tab
  2. hit ctrl+S to prompt the file manager (and notice which window is currently focused)

Expected result:
hitting ctrl+S would shift the focus to the prompted file manager and ENTER would start the download (ie make the “accept” in the file manager)

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.32.115

Additional Information:
OS - Manjaro 21.2
Display Server - xorg
Desktop Environment - gnome 41.2
File Manager - nautilus

This seems like a chromium bug. Recently they did some UI change in linux like better csd. I am facing the same issue with chromium in arch-linux.
Chromium version - 96.0.4664.110
OS - Arch Linux
Display Server - Wayland
Desktop Environment - Gnome 41.2

Okay I tried running chromium in native wayland and the file save dialog is now properly focused. So the problem only happens in xorg / xwayland. I haven’t tested this in native wayland though.

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