Flagged account since months

Hi all!
I’ve been using Brave since… well a lot of time! It’s my fav browser and I have it installed on all my devices, including Android, Win PC’s and Apple devices.
My issue is about my PC: got a flagged account since a few months now, so I get a lot of ads but I can’t earn a BAT from 'em. Dunno why, and dunno why I’m still flagged, can’t figure out what’s the issue, nayway I’m wondering ikf reinstalling Brave would solve the issue on my PC… I don’t think I’ll be compensated for all the ads I’ve visited since today, so please reply posting your thoughts about what I’ve just told u all.


The only way to get unflagged is by requesting it to Brave Support. You can issue an appeal using the following link:

However, be prepared that if they find enough evidences that you have violated (on purpose or not) the terms and conditions, they may not unflagged your profile.

To be honest, the easiest and fastest way is to forget about the flagged profile, delete it and start anew with a new one.

I would also want to call your attention to the rewards changes. Very likely your flagged profile will be unusable anyway.

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