Firefox runs on ubuntu 14 can brave? none of this typing marathon please

i got this absurd bunch of nonsense to type into a terminal on your website. ubuntu 22 i just clicked on it in software and it was there. now i want to put it on ubuntu 14 on an eeepc1001 and got this business about a whole screen of typing sudo this and sudo that.

firefox runs on ubuntu 14, why not brave? it seems more efficient. how can i get an appropriate version?

Any reason why you put your topic under Mobile Support and ios instead of Desktop Support and linux ?

This is how Linux works, assuming you’re not grabbing a Flatpak or Snap version. I’m assuming you are looking and following instructions at which tells you how and where to get the different versions of Brave?

I’m not even sure if Brave runs on it or not. In all the sunsetting notices I’ve ever seen, not one ever mentioned sunsetting for Linux. That said, I know Chrome and many others stopped support for Ubuntu 14 prior to 2017. I mean, you can see a discussion back in 2017 at where they said Ubuntu 14 was years old.

Do keep in mind, you can always find older versions of Brave within but you’d have to know the last version supported for whichever OS.

All of that said, I am going to tag in @Mattches, @steeven, and maybe @JimB1 to see if any of them might be able to reply in coming days with some better guidance. If you can’t tell, I’m not too knowledgeable on Linux. But I did at least want to try my best to reply to you and attempt to give some answers from what little I’m aware.

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If there is no Chromium support on Unbuntu 14 then Brave will not run on it. It is also highly outdated and not receiving standard support any more so i would not advise using it in general.

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