Brave safety check!

I switched Win10 to Linux Mint a week ago. I installed brave browser on it i noticed when i do safety check…there is exclamation mark in updates! Should i be worried or…


Try installing the stable release.

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…where i can get one…i installed the browser in
here: the first one…

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type in console:

sudo apt-get update

And once is finish type (you want to update all your system programs installed with apt command):

sudo apt-get upgrade

Or if you want to update only brave (on it´s stable version)

sudo apt-get install --only-upgrade brave-browser

Now, you really don´t need to worry, it´s only an alert telling you brave is not on it´s latest version, you can perfectly work with it like that. Obviously if you are very careful with privacy, security, data etc (or you are using the ads/rewards program) the recommendation is to have the latest version. (And pretty much on any program the recomandation is to have it on the latest version if your concern are those stuff).


Well…i did those and nothing changed! I updated brave browser to newer version on thursday and it is still the same! Maybe i can live with that! Thanks anyway!!

I have this same problem with another version of ubuntu. If an incorrect version is showing when it is downloaded from the available package how do I verify it is a validate app ?

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