About using Brave in older Ubuntu version

For now, i’m using Brave without any problems. My OS is Ubuntu 16.04 and i just can’t upgrade now for a newer version since i’m working hard with this machine and can’t afford to lose time installing a new system, so i’m going for ESM.
What i want to know is if Brave will keep working with my OS or should i disable any upgrades since i saw some topics complaining about older Mac OS version being incompatible with Brave from night to day.

Thank you!!

I have not tested on 16.04 in a while, but we’re also not aware of any problems on that version.

In fact, our official instructions still list 14.04 as the minimum version.

Thanks for the info! I hope you guys won’t decide yet to kill the compatibility with Ubuntu 16.04. At least, until the end of the year lol.

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