Support for ubuntu touch

Like the title, support for ubuntu touch, your browser is great it is my daily driver, I would like to have its support for ubuntu touch as a native app (clickable package).

I searched the issues and there was another issue it was closed I think duo to no activity.

I think this process is achievable by having linux arm64 builds, then clickable manages the rest?
Not sure though.

Hi and welcome to the community. :slightly_smiling_face:

Another community member here. I know nothing about Linux and am not real tech savvy. Was wondering if the this flag in brave://flags relates and will do what you want if you enable it?


It isn’t about touch layout

Because ubuntu touch will be just a mobile form factor like android and IOS

So I don’t think that this flag will help.

@ywmaa Uh, ok (didn’t understand a word :laughing:). Hopefully someone pops in who can help!

@justsomeone1 I seem to remember you answering a lot of Linux questions. Could you help? Excuse me if my memory is faulty. :joy:

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Hello @Chocoholic lool you are fine :joy:

Hello @ywmaa

currently brave is only supported on Brave is only supported on 64-bit AMD/Intel architectures (amd64 / x86_64).

based on that link

the problem that chrome which brave based on did not make arm version of chrome

so do not think it would be available

sorry for that bad news

and have a nice day both of you :slight_smile:

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