Running Brave Release build on Linux

Hi, I downloaded the latest Brave release from
I can run brave with both ./brave or ./brave-browser . Both can run and I can’t find a README so I’m here to ask.
Also, is there a .desktop file?
Sorry, I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask. Thanks!

Which distribution are you using? Did you check the About menu on either/both instances?

It sounds like you can run Brave, what exactly is your question?

My question is what is the way to run Brave, ./brave or ./brave-browser ? Is there any difference?

Honestly, I don’t know.

What distribution and desktop are you running? Most of the desktop environments (DEs) I’ve run (xfce, Gnome, MATE, KDE, Budgie) have a menu where I select the icon for the program I want to run and it goes from there. Is that an option? Or are you attempting to run from the terminal?

Did you install the program from a software repository or did you install it from a .bin or .deb or .sh file? Or did you do something else entirely?

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