Feature request: Watch for changes


I’d love to have Brave recheck a page every so often and then notify me whenever the page changes relevantly.

Desired UI: User long-presses a spot. The menu that allows copying etc. appears, with a new entry that says “watch for changes”. On selecting that entry, a dialog offers one or more surrounding block elements and and perhaps an adjustable period. The user chooses the relevant block element and touches the “okay, do it” button. Brave constructs a selector for that block element, downloads the page every day or so, and notifies the user when the selector results in different text.

The notification shows the (first part of the) resulting text, as well as “open” and “stop watching now” buttons.

Example: Open this parcel tracking page, long-press “status”, and have Brave tell you about the parcel’s progress as it makes it slow, slow way towards the recipient without having to manically check all the time, and ignoring irrelevant changes to page sidebars and the like.