Feature Request: Turn off Leo solicitations for the PAID version

I am an early adopter of AI chatbots, and have generated well over 1000 pages of ChatGPT output (I am a paid subscriber.) While I have enjoyed using Brave for a few years, I’m offended by Leo being presented as a “feature” that is only capable of a few responses before it complains about “response rate” and tries to fleece me for money. Evidently Brave’s developers have underestimated the damage that this does to their brand, when no option is provided to make Leo default to the free version. If this option exists, please let me know how to enable it (i.e., Disable Brave Solicitations). Why would I pay $15. for a service that I already pay for from openai.com? Think about how poor this makes Brave look, since it professes to be a crap-free version of Chrome. This almost makes me want to fork chrome and create a competitor to Brave.

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