Brave Subscriptions feedback - Premium model

Hey there!

I’m very glad to have the new functionality called “Leo AI” on Brave Nightly. It’s a very useful feature.

However, I realized something was wrong with Brave.

You’re putting Premiums and subscriptions all over the place…
I’m not against this type of “freemium,” but I just want to known that it might be more interesting to offer another somewhat different model that’s more practical for users of Brave fee-based features.

In fact, we have a subscription for Brave Search Premium, Brave Talk Premium, Brave VPN, Leo Premium. And the sum of all paid features can be expensive (for a normal user non-professional with the web).

Maybe, we can have a special subscription “Brave Ultimate ???” that contain all premium features included as a pack with an attractive price.

I don’t really like the fact of “we have a subscription for … and another for … feature, …”, I think it can be difficult to keep track of the values of Brave. And I think that it might even damage his image.

So, yes, why not to create a pack including all premium features with an attractive price with the possibility of buying just one premium feature or a couple. Or maybe create just one “Brave Premium” subscription, including all features in one, and I think it would be more serious for the brand. Or, in the same perspective, make several Premium packs with different possibilities, “Brave Basic” “Brave Plus” “Brave Premium” and “Brave Ultimate”.

Thank you for taking time to read this feedback about premium subscription on Brave.
And, enjoy web with us! :orange_heart:

We may ore may not have something like this planned in the near future. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

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