Feedback on leo

  1. It needs to be in the top next to the extensions icons not in the side bar

2)llamaa from Meta is like the worst bot from worst privacy company that is censored and biased

  1. why is it asking me to signup for something that is beta and not full release? Plus $15 just for leo plus other premium subscriptions is too much. There should be a package.

  2. The speed this moving is causing me headache and maybe epilepsy . Should be more like

  3. Leo should be a service available on other browsers via addons if you want to monetize it. If it will be Brave only you will lose to other services who are on multiple browsers

  4. This information seems absolutely incorrect. To access ssettings you click “cmd,”

  5. Why does it say do not submit sensitive information if no user data is collected
    Screen Shot 2023-10-27 at 10.17.52 AM

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What was your prompt for #6?