Ability to lock safe search to strict setting?


I’m new to Brave, we have an internet safety VPN but unfortunately it only cooperates with the usual browsers. Brave, of course, is designed for privacy which naturally leads to some issues with the VPN we use. We would like to make Brave our preferred browser but need to be able to lock the search settings to strict. Would someone be able to tell me if this is possible and if so the steps to enable it?

Many thanks


Thank you for reaching out!
You can enable Strict safe search by going to Settings --> Quick settings —> Safe Search (note that the image below is on desktop but the steps and locations of everything should be roughly the same on iOS):

Ok, is there away to lock these settings behind a code though?

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Unfortunately no — not at this time. That being said, I think we do have an issue open to add this functionally in the future. Let me see if I can find and link you to it.

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