New Brave wallet

I noticed there is no option to remove an account also no option to import an existing account via private key

I think you need to click around a bit more. The UI could be easier to navigate.

You can go to brave://wallet/crypto/accounts/add-account and choose the import tab.

I see an option for adding an account, including both a new account and an imported account. But I don’t see an option for removing an account.


yeah, I went looking for that after and couldn’t find it neither :man_shrugging: Maybe we both need to look around more :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Perhaps if you change the subject of the post to be clear about what needs to be added, it will get more attention


Posted an issue here to track it:

Accounts can’t really be removed but we can have a way to hide / UI-hide them.


That sounds like a perfect solution. Thank you.