FEATURE REQUEST: Adjustable Rounded Corners

I want to request the ability to adjust the border-radius of the rounded corners of the web view in brave://config, or even in normal settings . As of this moment, there is some slight rounding, but having the ability to adjust the rounding would be an easy fix for many of the complaints about rounded corners.

Personally, I really enjoy Brave’s UI with the rounded tab corners, gives it a cleaner look in my opinion. Users would be able to adjust to no rounded corners at 0px if they wanted, to my preferred 10-12px rounding, or anywhere in between. I think this would be a solution that could make the entire community happy since they would be in control of how their web-view looks.
It could be a dropdown with preset values, a slider, or a simple text field to put in an integer value.

This could be accomplished by setting a variable to the field where the border-radius pixel amount is set, and then assigning that variable to where the border-radius is set in the browser config.